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Rimini Family Village: meetings and team building on the Romagna Riviera

The Rimini Family Village is the perfect location for every business meetings


Close your eyes and start imagining: it's 7:30 a.m., you've been woken up by the alarm clock that you listlessly try to switch off, turning over in your bedclothes, but your mobile phone doesn't recognize your fingerprint. Slightly getting up, you finally turn it off and can now free yourself from the bedclothes. Today you have to go to the office, no smart working. You open the curtains, as always and with survival instinct, hoping that the sunlight will help you wake up, just enough to make a coffee.

The shock is enormous, not only because the sun's rays blind your eyes for a moment, but because of what you see: a beautiful pine forest. The sun passes through the branches of trees and the air smells of sea. There are not the usual dustbins outside the window, but a relaxing shade of green leaves creating a unique atmosphere on a light wooden veranda full of flowers. Remember: today the meeting is at the Rimini Family Village.


The Rimini Family Village is in the heart of Romagna, not far from the city center, and it is a Club del Sole resort on the Adriatic coast suitable for the most important company meeting of the quarter and also the perfect location for team work and team bonding projects. The village has two new thirty-seat meeting rooms, equipped with screens, lots of power sockets, Internet connection, webcams, projectors, microphones, large tables, comfortable chairs, tiered seating, armchairs and a stage, as well as large windows that can be fully opened to combine shade, fresh air and the coffee aroma.

The resort has open-air spaces perfect for every activity: a theatre under the Emilia Romagna sky with over 300 seats and spaces that can be set up for outdoor activities, from corporate team building to regional sports competitions, with microphones, speakers and power sockets. But also swimming pools, padel courts, volleyball and basketball courts, and 15 km of a golden beach for running, Pilates lessons, yoga, and activities for body and mind.

The Rimini Family Village is, of course, not just beautiful nature, but a project designed to combine nature and comfort in a totally sustainable way that respects the surrounding ecosystem.


The resort offers accommodation for every type of need, from the most spacious and fashionable to the most connected to an idea of a life in close contact with nature.

The Mediterranean Suite has large interior spaces, with bedrooms, private bathrooms and a living area, all with high quality and stylish furnishings to create an elegant ambience, where the big windows and private terrace will allow you to enjoy the wonder of an exclusive contact with nature.

The Air Lodges, on the other hand, combine the architectural style of wood with the elegance and softness of fabric. The Air Lodges are “flats” that reflect Scandinavian design, with their own bedrooms and bathroom, and a ceiling with a curtained skylight.

Equally elegant and fully equipped for every comfort, lodges are mobile homes that allow a sharing of space while guaranteeing the privacy of each guest and, at the same time, allowing them to have a chat and get to know each other better.

For meetings, corporate events and training projects, you can use vast open-air spaces easily set up according to your needs, and large wooden verandas where you can set up small stages, tables and comfortable armchairs, so you can take a coffee break or engage in some team-building challenges in an area protected from direct sunlight or sudden rain.

The Romagna style reigns, especially in the village restaurants and bars, which offer a selection of top-quality dishes and drinks. Sophisticated, wholesome dishes made with local products, able to satisfy every dietary demand and perfect for any type of event. Creativity and knowledge of the local cuisine are virtues of our chefs.

But you can also decide to set up elegant pic-nics (our "chic-nics") lying on the lawn, or organize a private dinner by the swimming pool.

Thanks to its location, the village offers opportunities to explore the culture and history of the place due to the "Land exploring" projects, where participants' curiosity is awakened to discover the food and wine treasures, the traditions guarded and handed down through the generations, and all the secrets that history has scattered with its passage.

Would you like to organize a gourmet treasure hunt for your guests or challenge your employees to a team-building event inspired by Pechino Express or Masterchef? Or, why not, would you like to increase the adrenalin and hair-raising load with a regatta to boost team spirit? You have chosen the right location!

Located close to the city center and 19 Km from Riccione, 22 Km from San Marino and 50 Km from Ravenna, the village is easily reachable by motorway and, thanks to free parking, you don't have to worry about parking space. If, on the other hand, you prefer the train or plane, Rimini railway station is only 3 Km away, while the airports of Rimini, Forlì and Bologna are 11 Km, 53 Km and 119 Km respectively.


On 21st and 22nd of September, the Rimini Family Village will be available for two days of tours and explorations! An opening event that aims to showcase the wonder of this resort, together with all that it can offer: from the innovative accommodations that are perfect for groups of people, without sacrificing privacy and comfort, to the areas where team building projects or meetings can be set up in deep contact with nature.

On Thursday September 21st, guests will be offered a welcome coffee, followed by the presentation of the book Coaching - maneggiare con cura by Carlo Bisi.

Immediately afterwards, the exploration of the village in all its parts will begin: from the meeting rooms to the accommodation, from the sports grounds to the private beach. At the end of the tour, participants will take part in a "piadina Challenge", a team-building activity inspired by the Masterchef programme that will involve the participants divided into groups to challenge each other on every aspect that makes the piadina romagnola one of Emilia Romagna's outstanding features. Once the challenge is over, the piadina created will be tasted as an aperitif.

On Friday, September 22nd, there will be a morning dedicated to emotional intelligence workshops and the use of the Plutchik Flower. Why such a choice at the end of a business opening? Several studies show that emotional intelligence is connected with performance and well-being, and emotional awareness is the basis of it. The flower created by psychologist Robert Plutchik is an effective representation of the emotions we feel, their different states and interconnections. During the workshop, participants will use the model to increase their ability to read and name their emotions, a fundamental basis for managing them.

Two days that will show you in detail our Rimini Family Village, the spaces and services it is able to offer for meeting and conference experiences that will leave their mark on the participants' experience, together with a taste of the training that can be organized in our resorts.

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